NGS Crypto is very pleased to announce that they’re professional team is growing yet again. Andrew Langvan, previous finance broker for NAB, has been newly appointed as the Member Liaison Officer, ensuring that all members of NGS Crypto receive the best quality customer service available to them.

Langvan first began his career with NAB, where he moved through the ranks over a period of three years, climbing from the acquisitions department, through to the financial planning referral department, to later become an executive finance broker.

It was during Langvan’s time at NAB that he first become interested and involved in the cryptocurrency arena, to then later be given the opportunity to work with Australia’s leading cryptocurrency mining firm, NGS Crypto.

“I first got involved with cryptocurrency through buying and holding cryptocurrencies, after doing extensive research and understanding why Bitcoin (BTC) was created and what I thought of the future of cryptocurrencies holds, I found NGS. I was impressed with their mining model and made a small investment first as a member before they offered me a position as a Digital Asset Mining Executive.”

Langvan brings with him extensive professional knowledge and proficiency.

The NGS is one of the fastest growing businesses globally and are looking forward to ensuring that all of their members will be receiving first class client services and are able to rely on a dependable point of call.

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