The Australian property market is in dire straits, with the Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, warning all Australians that the housing market is in “deep trouble” and on the brink of collapse, and we are living through “monetary madness.”

Currently the Australian economy is in a strikingly similar situation as what the Irish economy was in before it inevitably crashed.

Due to the central banks cutting rates to an all time low of 1.25 percent, and the new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s new policy plan to further help people buy their first home, this will only allow more people the ability to afford a mortgage when they previously otherwise were not able to.

Pape is not alone in his worries about the Australian economy edging closer and closer towards a recession and ultimately a systematic collapse.

Irish Financial Advisor, Eddie Hobbs, shared his worries just last month stating that the country is facing a similar housing crisis to the one that devastated Ireland in 2007.

Hobbs has concluded that,

“The Australian mortgage book looks to have much higher risk than Ireland before its crisis. Eventually bubbles weaken and they pop.”

What Is A Safer Investment In The Current Market?

Currently, it is safer and more profitable for you to invest in Cryptocurrencies. And safer yet again, to become a miner of Cryptocurrencies rather than buying outright due to the risks of mining far outweighing the risks of buying crypto.

Becoming invested in the crypto arena, with Leading Australian Cryptocurrency Mining Company, NGS Crypto, your investment is safeguarded, and returns are guaranteed. This may seem to good to be true? However, it works in a similar way to what a term deposit through the banks would.

Your money is invested for an agreed term of 36-months, during the entire course of the agreement, your returns on your investment are paid out daily, for you to either hold in your account or withdraw. Returns are guaranteed at a minimum of 12 percent per annum. At the end of your 36-month agreement 100 percent of your initial investment is transferred back to your nominated account.

Central banks and the property market can no longer be relied on to return us a decent profit. The times are changing, as do the seasons, and we must move with them accordingly so we do not get financially left behind.

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