In a recent article published by Business Insider Australia they reported that there has been a major shift in wealth creation in Australia.

Australia’s wealthiest families are now diversifying their portfolios with digital assets, “as the conservative go unconventional and alternative investments become mainstream.”

The most recent trend we are seeing in families especially diversifying their investment portfolio’s to incorporate digital assets. Not only are they using crypto’s as a hedge against inflation, but also as a serious growth asset.

“They’re extremely competitive, they want to win, and they obviously don’t want to be the last one that’s sort of moving towards a new investment.” – Leigh Travers, Executive Director DigitalX.

Bitcoin Boom In Australia

Bitcoin has been one of the number one digital assets that Australian’s have not been able to ignore.

Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream by the second and is now recognised as a store of value, it is gaining traction extremely fast in the Australian community.

Last week it was reported that the ASX is currently in the process of assessing a number of applications for a local Australian Exchange-traded fund (ETF). This would mean that any Australian would be able to hold major cryptocurrencies in their share portfolio.

“In Australia, we are extending our mantra of ‘access the opportunities’ and believe this opportunity will democratise the crypto asset complex for all types of investors. The ETF vehicle is the optimal delivery mechanism and we look forward to working with the ASX to further innovate and provide this unique opportunity.” – VanEck Asia Pacific CEO

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