Australia In Crisis – Bank Bail In And Cash Ban. How To Protect Yourself.


Why Has Millions Been Pouring Into NGS Crypto At An Alarming Rate?

The financial crisis has begun and markets are in turmoil. What does this mean for you and your future?

Here at NGS Crypto, we are continually assessing broader markets and thoroughly monitoring traditional financial systems to identify systemic and structural weaknesses that might negatively impact our members’ financial success. 

We endeavour to ensure that NGS Crypto as a company, and consequentially, all of our members are always 10 steps ahead of the game.

In the last several years, governments and reserve banks worldwide have been passing new laws in order to protect themselves from the next incoming financial crisis. 

Sadly, most citizens are unaware of these laws and the serious impact they can have with respect to their financial security.

These laws include:

Bank Bail In

The Bank Bail In was enacted during the Brisbane G20 Summit to give the Australian Government the right to freeze bank accounts in the event of a crisis.

The result of the Bank Bail In is that the Australian Government and banking institutions now, legally, have the right to, “in the event of crisis”, freeze OR confiscate funds sitting in personal, business and even Self-Managed Super Fund accounts.  This is not only a problem for Australian depositors, but has been introduced in Greece, India and Cypress as well.

In India, the fourth largest bank filed for bankruptcy only last month, and now their clients are limited to withdrawals of no more than $600 per month.  This is particularly concerning when you consider that India is one of the top three economic powerhouses globally.

The Devil Is In The Details:  Bank Bail In At A Glance

The Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017 or the Australian Bail-In Law gives the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) “crisis powers” allowing it to, among other things:

1. Secretly step in and run distressed banks;

2. Bail-in distressed institutions using the funds of creditors of the bank rather than using taxpayers’ money filtered through the government;

3. Confiscate and write off certain types of bonds and hybrid securities;

4. Confiscate cash savings of self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

This puts depositors in a compromised position should banks in Australia come to be in “crisis”.

Moreover, despite the existence of the government’s Guarantee Scheme and the depositor’s $250,000 guarantee under the Financial Claims Scheme, these are currently inactive and can only be activated by the Government at their own discretion.

Cash Ban

Both the Liberal and Labor Governments in Australia have passed a bill through the Senate, which stipulates that it is a criminal offence to use cash transactions over an amount of $10,000.00 AUD.

Furthermore, they are now requiring proof of where you are transferring your funds to and, in some cases, refusing to process transactions THEY deem not to fit their guidelines.

This is being done in a bid to stop out flows of liquidity and to prop up their own misuse of client funds. 

As we move further into this crisis, it’s a surety that the banks will continue to refuse a greater number of bank transfers siting AML as a weapon.  This law effectively limits the freedom all Australians should be entitled to with respect to how they spend their hard-earned money.

Description: lick Here to View a Summary of the Cash Ban Bill:

Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In NGS Crypto

Hedge Your Funds

People are losing trust in the traditional financial system and are seeking a safer alternative during this time of uncertainty.

Having the opportunity to set yourself up with an alternative source of income outside of the traditional banking system is proving to be a much safer and prudent option.

Through an NGS Crypto investment, returns are paid out daily in Bitcoin, and you have the added extra protection that 100% of your invested funds are refunded to you at the end of your 36-month Initial Mining Agreement (IMA).

Protection From Negative Interest Rates

The Australian economy, as are many economies around the globe, is in trouble. 

In an effort to turn the tides, the central banks are increasing the amount of money they are printing, having the effect of devaluing local currencies, driving interest rates to levels never seen before. 

Negative interest rates are now a real possibility and some experts suggest that rates could go as low as -4.0%.  This is rocket fuel for Bitcoin (BTC), which, by nature, has a limited supply of just 21 million.  Bitcoin cannot be devalued by monetary policy of central banks and continues to appreciate as utility in retail and institutional investing sectors continues to increase.

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In this YouTube video, Alex Jones addresses the question: ‘What’s the agenda’ over negative interest rates and the ‘new cash bill’.

Protection From Falling Exchange Rates

The Australian Dollar has depreciated 17% in the last 5 years relative to the USD. 

When you invest in NGS Crypto, your initial capital is converted to US Dollars and is returned to you in full at the end of 36 months in US Dollars.  Therefore, you have the added security that if the Australian Dollar continues to underperform, your money is protected.

All NGS returns are paid daily in Bitcoin and therefore provide a perfect hedge against the current financial environment.

The NGS Crypto Investment Structure

At NGS crypto we provide a unique investment model where all returns received through digital asset mining are generated outside of the traditional financial systems, meaning at any time if we have a domestic or global financial crisis or stock/property markets crash, your initial investment and returns would be safe and protected at all times.

Do You Need Help?

If you feel the Bank Bail In, Cash Ban and Negative Interest Rates are a concern to your current portfolio and you would like to mitigate such risks in your portfolio, we can help. 

If the ideal of having your bank accounts frozen, or you are worried that the falling AUD and 3% inflation might expose you to greater losses, then this is the perfect time to hedge your fiat liability outside of the traditional financial systems with a Mining Agreement with NGS Crypto.

For more information on the Bank Bail In and the Cash Ban

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