36% Of Large Investors Own Crypto Assets – Bitcoin Is Their Favourite


In a recent survey done by Fidelity Investments they found that more than one-third of large institutional investors own crypto assets, with the most popular one being Bitcoin (BTC).

The survey, which was released on Tuesday 9th June 2020, showed that 36 percent of institutional investors in both the United States and Europe own crypto assets. These institutional investors include pension funds, family trusts, financial advisors and hedge funds.

In the United States alone, 27 percent of investors have said that they hold crypto assets, which is up a staggering 22 percent from a year ago when Fidelity ran the same survey across 441 American firms. In Europe, 45 percent of firms surveyed said that they too hold crypto assets.

Of all the digital assets held by the large institutional investors, Bitcoin (BTC) was by far the most popular digital asset to invest in.

What This Means For Bitcoin

Tom Jessop, President of Fidelity Digital Assets, said in a statement,

“These results confirm a trend we are seeing in the market towards greater interest in and acceptance of digital assets as a new investable asset class. This is evident in the evolving composition of our client pipeline, which spans from crypto native funds to pensions.”

Bitcoin Outperforms Any Other Asset Available

Since the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have seen economic markets and stocks and shared worldwide crash and barely be able to recover.

Bitcoin however, whilst it too did take a crash it has recovered far better than any other asset class. Since the pandemic hit and Bitcoin took a tumble in March, 2020 Bitcoin promptly recovered by 36 percent for the year to date.

Currently, there is no better asset to be invested into. While you can buy Bitcoin outright, it has been proven that Bitcoin mining is far less risky and a much safer and stable investment option to diversify your portfolio.

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