A 2017 Collection of the Past Six Month's Dank Crypto-Memes

Bitcoin’s first six months of 2017 has been very exciting as the decentralized currency has seen all-time highs in both price and popularity. Alongside the year’s record-breaking achievements, the cryptocurrency community has also seen the production of a vast array of dank memes giving us some humor during the thrilling Bitcoin rollercoaster ride.

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This year has been intense, to say the least, as bitcoin’s price broke new all-time highs over and over again. Interest has been phenomenally high as well, as Google Trends says bitcoin interest is higher than ever and the cryptocurrency is featured in mainstream media publications nearly every single day now. Another interesting factor this year has been the rise of altcoins, and more specifically ethereum and the ICO madness which has caused a vast array of discussions. But throughout all the talk within the heightened scaling debate, cryptocurrency values skyrocketing, and bitcoin’s competition with ethereum there’s been some killer memes throughout all the craziness we bitcoiners deal with every day.

Dank Memes for the Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

“How to Buy Bitcoin” by BTC Art Gallery.

“Bitcoin Flintstones” by Phneep

“HODL” by Cryptograffiti

“How Ethereum Holders Feel After the Flash Crash” by Unknown

“Bitcoin Kool-Aid Man $2000 Version” by Crypto-graphics.com

“PonziBob FatPants” by Unknown

“Cheeta Strikes” by Comicbrew.com

“Bob Ross Moon” by Crypto-graphics.com

“Wizards Buy the Dips” by BTC Art Gallery.

“It Moved” by Data Veteran

“Noahs Ark Bitcoin” by Unknown

“Bitcoin King of Crypto” by Phneep

“ICO Deep Thoughts” by Unknown

“The Mainstream on Bitcoin” by Unknown

“First World Malware Problems” by Unknown.

“Bitcoin is Like Jesus” by Unknown.

“BTC Blast Chart” by Phneep

There’s been a lot of good memes over the past six months and there will no doubt be plenty more throughout the course of the year. Funny graphics and memes are a nice break from the hectic world of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general.

Everyone here at NgsCrypto.com hopes our readers enjoyed the last six months of 2017 and we will be right here with you riding the bitcoin rollercoaster. So hold on tight, because the bitcoin ride is really just getting started!

What do you think about the dank cryptocurrency memes over the past six months? Let us know in the comments below.

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