The Best Is Yet To Come


Do not fear, if you feel like you have missed the crypto boat and left your run too late, you haven’t. The Bitcoin revolution is only just starting to take off and with the next bull run expected to hit in 2020, Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin billionaire and CEO of crypto currency exchange Binance states,

“It’s at the beginning of the beginning, the best is yet to come”.

Zhao is not alone in his assured attitude when it comes to the future of crypto and what it will be capable of in the future.

Tech billionaire Tim Draper also agrees that crypto is a “disruptive, game changing revolution”,

“It will weather its shares of ups and downs, like all great inventions do”.

Much like when the Internet was first launched and we saw the dot com boom, many people were sceptical and held out on adapting and integrating these new technologies. This isn’t the only time a global invention hasn’t been well received at its starting point. The introduction of credit cards and the ability to send and receive money through Internet banking all took their time to be widely accepted. Now it has become our way of life and ultimately we depend on it. Experts believe that crypto currency is following the same path and they have projected that it will be the latest revolution to take over global fiat currencies.

“It’s going to be better for people. They are going to move to crypto, and theyre going to go away from the political currency – they call fiat. That the way it’s going to move”, “Why would I want this currency that’s tied to some political force when I have a currency that is going to be frictionless and global?” states Tim Draper, who stands firmly by his projected $250,000 USD Bitcoin target price for 2022.

What’s your next best move?

For those who are late to get involved and interested in starting their financial journey with crypto, mining is the most financially viable option for you, ensuring you can profit from the next bull run in 12 to 18 months time.

Mining privately at home has many risks and the running costs are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. NGSCrypto offers great packages at all entry levels, safeguarding you from buying at the wrong time and the wrong price, enhancing your mining power.

With one of the lowest cost energy rates in the sector, you can start mining and holding you’re crypto now at the cheapest rate available and profit exponentially when the next bull run hits. NGSCrypto is one of the only companies that uses the latest in mining technology, adopting the greener option of hydro electricity and cooling hydro baths, which ensures your system runs at a higher efficiency for a much lower cost, 7 cents per kilowatt.

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