Bitcoin History Repeats Itself: Block Halving To Kick Start The Next Bull Run


BTC (Bitcoin) is set to halve in the year 2020 and for the serious investor who considers crypto currencies as a lasting asset, this block reward halving that is set to happen could not come at a better time. This event will fuel the upward spiral of the price of BTC making it a positive financial catalyst for all investors involved.

Historically if we look at when BTC has been halved in the past we can see the same positive upward trend repeat itself. Halving’s are the most bullish events in BTC history.

In November 2011 BTC was worth $2 USD, when the bull run hit in April 2013 BTC investors saw a staggering 11,400 per cent increase, taking the price to $230 USD. In that same year (July 2013) BTC dropped by 71 per cent, only to then again in November (2013) rise by 1,611 per cent, taking its price to $1,147 USD.

Come January 2015 after a 2 year bear market BTC dropped by 85 per cent, again as history repeats itself after the coin was exposed to a halving, this bought on yet another bull run, pushing the price of BTC up to a record high of $19,535 USD, a 10,753 per cent increase.

In November 2018 following an 82 per cent loss which saw BTC down to $3,448 USD we can safely assume by the previous trends that the next halving will prompt an even bigger bull run that is expected in 2020, establishing the future price of BTC at an even greater price than we have ever seen before.

What is the best way to take advantage of the upcoming bull run?

12 to 18 months before the beginning of the next bull run is the best time as a long-term investor to mine more BTC at a lesser value. For NGSCrypto members already taking advantage of the bear market you are protected from buying at the wrong time where prices could continue to fall.

NGSCrypto members who are mining now before the next bull run begins have the ability to accumulate more BTC, putting them in a risk free position to gain 1,200 per cent returns over and above todays prices, based on the performance of previous bull runs, as discussed above.

As an added bonus, you are protected against the cost of electric under our IMA (Initial Mining Agreement) due to strategic key partnerships, which have been solidly put in place for the benefit of all of our members.

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