The beginning of the month of May 2019 saw the price of Bitcoin (BTC) surge past the $6,000 USD barrier since November 2018.

Currently at time of writing the price of BTC is sitting at $6,167.80 +2.30 per cent.

The upward trend is continuing, with the bullish period beginning in April 2019, with BTC sustaining its price above the $5,000 USD mark since that time.

This latest surge in BTC market price highlights current conditions as an example of an occurrence which has previously been seen before in BTC history.

Suggestions from cryptocurrency analysts such as Plan B recommend that now is the ideal time to continue accumulating Bitcoin, before the next bull run occurs in 2020, coinciding with the block halving reward.

Industry research suggests that with the May 2020 halving this will begin significantly impacting the price of Bitcoin as soon as June 2019, with many technical indicators signalling that BTC is currently in the early stages of the next bull market.

All eyes are on the month of May with analysts strongly suggesting that if Bitcoin can close the month off in the green, like the previous three months in a row, it will signal that a full-blown bull market is back in effect.

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