Risk Mitigation

How We Protect NGS Members & Their Capital

Your security, our duty

If you’re considering partnering with us, there’s likely 1 major hurdle standing in your way: FUD – Fear, uncertainty and doubt. After all, you’re still in the vast majority of early adopters in a new and somewhat mysterious asset class, and we understand this. Or maybe you feel like you’ve missed the boat and are too late to make substantial returns. The good news is with NGS Crypto, it’s never too late to get started.

Our consumer protection policies

7 Ways We Protect Our Members

The following policies have been designed to protect consumers and members and are stipulated by our Initial Mining Agreement (IMA):

1. 100% Capital Refund Policy
Upon the completion of your term, we promise to refund 100% of your initial capital – just like a term deposit.
2. Unprofitability Refund Policy
If for some reason, Digital Asset Mining becomes unprofitable and we are unable to maintain your current returns, we will refund 100% of your initial investment.
3. Fixed Return Policy
Once an agreement is signed, we promise to pay you the minimum-fixed rate of returns as stated in your contract. Meaning your returns are locked in at a fixed-rate and will not fluctuate over the course of your agreement.
4. Daily Payout Policy
Worried you’re not going to see your returns for 6-12 months? Not with NGS. Our payouts are calculated and paid into your account daily – where you can withdraw or transact with them at any time.
5. Cold Vault Storage Policy
We promise to store all digital assets, offline in cold-storage wallets. This ensures all client assets are protected from any cyber-security hacks or breaches.
6. No Speculation Policy
We promise not to speculate a cent of your capital to buy, sell or trade digital assets. All funds are used purely for mining facilitation, which allows us to make money based on mathematics, not hope, keeping your capital safe and secure.
7. Above Reproach Policy
We promise to always adhere to and operate in a way that ensures NGS is compliant, regulated and ‘above-board’ within all Australian government policy. This is done to assure all existing and future members of NGS Cryptos commitment to ethical and honest operation.
While we have taken every precaution to protect investments, the truth is that all assets and investments carry a level of risk. The difference you'll get with NGS Crypto is that we never speculate with your capital; In fact, we do the opposite. At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, and we put our money where our mouth is - ensuring you receive your initial investment, in full, upon completion of your term. We'd issue you the challenge to find a real estate agent, property specialist, stock broker or other investment vehicle where they will guarantee to do the same.
Why Invest In digital asset mining

NGS Crypto vs Alternatives

If you’re looking to get ahead in life, chances are you’ve already looked at or invested in existing asset classes in the past. Whether you’re just starting your investment journey, or are a seasoned investor, you’re likely wondering how NGS Digital Asset Mining packages compare with other investments.

The following graph is designed to give a ‘snapshot’ look at NGS against traditional mainstream investment options:

Digital Asset MiningPropertySharesCrypto investmentPrecious MetalsBondsCash
Produces Capital GrowthYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Average Growth (over 10 years)100% +6-7%4-5%100% +1.97%NA-1.90%
Produces Yield (cashflow)YesYesSometimesNoNoYesNo
Average Yield10-16%4-6%2.5-4%NoneNone1-1.5%None
Fixed Rate Of ReturnsYesNoNoNoNoYesNo
Debt RequiredNo DebtHigh DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo DebtNo Debt
Risk Of Market VolatilityLow-ModerateLow-ModerateModerate-HighExtremeModerateLow-ModerateLow-Moderate
Management RequiredLowModerateModerateHighLowLowLow
Associated CostsNoneHighModerateNoneNoneModerateNone
Security RiskLow-ModerateLow-ModerateLow-ModerateModerate-HighLow-ModerateLowLow
Liquidity (ie able to be easily disposed of)MinutesWeeks/MonthsDaysMinutesDaysYearsMinutes
Payment FrequencyDailyWeeklyQuarterlyNANA6-MonthlyNA
Risk LevelLow-ModerateModerateModerateHighLow-ModerateLowLow
Physical / TangibleNoYesNoNoYesNoYes
What you get


Finding the right package to suit your needs will depend on the amount of yield you’re wanting to generate, your initial capital and the length of the term. Similar to a term deposit, our agreements known as an ‘Initial Mining Agreement’ (or IMA), pay a certain percentage (paid daily) over a fixed-term of 2, 3 or 5 years.

PackageUpfront CostIMA TermGuaranteed Minimum
Monthly ROI
Full-Item ROI
Coins Mined
Earth$20,00036 Months$167 - 10% per annum$6000ZCash, Ethereum
Moon$40,00036 Months$367 - 11% per annum$13,200ZCash, Ethereum, ZClassic, Etherium Classic
Venus$80,00036 Months$867 - 13% per annum$31,200ZCash, Ethereum, ZClassic,
Etherium Classic, Decred
Mercury$139,00036 Months$1622 - 14% per annum$58,380ZCash, Ethereum, ZClassic,
Etherium Classic, Decred, Dash
Sun$278,00036 Months$3475 - 15% per annum$125,100ZCash, Ethereum, ZClassic, Etherium Classic,
Decred, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin

So what are the real risks of investing in Digital Asset Mining? Really, there’s 3 major hazards:

The internet ceases to exist, as a result ceasing the existence of digital assets
You pick the wrong company to partner with, and they cease to exist
Governments regulate digital assets to a point of unprofitability

At NGS Crypto, we don’t like to beat around the bush, rather we are constantly strategizing on ways to not only overcome these potential pitfalls, but being diligent in future-proofing our model against any potential future threats. But here’s the thing, from our members point of view, there’s really only 1 major trepidation: The fear of losing their initial capital.

Our business model has been designed to be weatherproof, recession proof, bear-market proof, and as of 2020, pandemic proof. With all the uncertainty of economic recover and stability, we know now more than ever, there are millions of people out there looking for a solution to keeping their money safe, whilst still achieving good returns (yield) and capital growth.