How it works

How Digital Asset Mining Works

While terms like ‘Digital Asset Mining’ or ‘Fintech company’ are the technical terms for what we do, we like to keep things simple and explain them in a way members actually understand. So, what do we really do?

We help you grow passive, life-changing wealth through Digital Asset Mining.

Depending on your current financial position, stage in life, and goals – we tailor our services to offer you a unique wealth building opportunity that aims to minimize risks, whilst maximising your returns.

For some people they’re looking to pay off their mortgage or debt, others want to retire sooner and spend time travelling or with family. 

For a large majority of our members, they just want someone on their side that they can trust, to help them clarify and achieve their financial goals. Regardless of where you’re at, or what you’re looking to do, we have strategies and packages to suit almost every situation.

How we help our members

These are just some of the reasons our 750+ members have partnered with NGS Crypto:

We Offer Passive-Investment Packages
We like to keep things simple for our members, offering ‘set and forget’ packages where the heavy lifting is all taken care of. All you need to do is pick your desired amount and package, and we’ll take care of the rest.
We Generate Some Of The Best Returns In The World
With packages offering 6-16% pa, we offer some of highest yield you’ll find anywhere.
We Refund 100% Of Your Initial Investment
At the end of your agreed term, we'll refund you your entire initial capital investment. Think term deposit, with potentially 15x ROI.
We Give You The Opportunity To Earn Capital Growth
Rather than being forced to speculate your funds in a highly volatile market, or set up your own mining facility, we help you get involved in this new asset class, in one of the safest ways possible.
We Pay You A Fixed-Minimum Return
We take the guesswork out of things. Know ahead of time, exactly what you'll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns.
We Pay Your Interest Every Single Day
Forget monthly or annual payouts, with NGS you can check your account balance, transact or withdraw your money - anywhere, anytime.
We Give You The Opportunity To Make Life-Changing Wealth
How would you like the opportunity to make 100%, 200% or even 500%+ returns? Utilizing our ‘Capital Growth’ strategies, like many of our members, you have an potential to generate truly life-changing wealth over the next 5-10 years.
We Give You 3 Ways To Invest
Whether you’re looking to invest with cash, or are looking to get a bit more out of your home equity or superannuation, we have you covered. With existing relations with some of Australia’s leading tax and financial services businesses, we’ll organise everything you need, to invest in the way that best suits you.
We Help You Get Involved In Cryptocurrency In A Safer Way
As the best performing asset class over the last 10-years, it's no wonder why so many people want to get involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By Mining With NGS Crypto, you can get involved in Digital Assets, with a lower level of risk.
We Help You Diversify Your Risk
If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. With consistent, reliable income and exposure to a new asset class, we can help diversify your assets, and reduce your overall level of risk.
We Thrive When Others Flounder
Based on the way our packages are structured, our members are able to make consistent reliable, returns in a crashing or ‘bear’ market.
We Offer A Unique Solution To Making Money
If you’re tired of dwindling returns from your other investments, looking for a new hedge against inflation, or a new alternative asset to invest, NGS is likely the solution you’ve been dreaming of.
How We Do It

Digital Asset Mining Explained

Simply put, as digital asset miners, we help facilitate thousands of blockchain transactions around the world every single day. Every time someone wishes to make to make a transaction (ie to buy something or send money), miners like us help to facilitate this transaction and are paid a small ‘service fee’ to do so.

The common analogy we use here, is like that of a bank ATM. We buy, own and manage the machine, and every time someone uses our machines, we make a small fee from the transaction. Multiplying this analogy by thousands of machines, and millions of transactions, this is the simplest way to understand how we generate returns for our members.

While mining was once profitable for individuals or small groups, over time, it has become more cost and labour intensive – driving many miners to abandon their machines due to unprofitability. To ensure consistent returns for our members, our mining facilities are setup in Batam, Indonesia where they are constantly monitored, repaired and run by our team members. This is for our POW (proof of work) style machines, which require computing power to solve complex mathematical algorithms.

As time has gone on, we have also expanded our strategies to include POS (proof of stake) validation, liquidity pools and DeFi (decentralized finance) – giving us access to 500+ different projects to mine at any given point in time. With our dedicated research and development team always keeping a finger on the pulse, we’re able to mine the most profitable asset at any given time. This helps us to future-proof our operations, and ensure profitability for our members for years to come.

Your trust is important

What Don’t We Do?

It’s probably fair to say, between our product and service offerings that there’s a lot we do offer. In order to ensure that we’re able to continually generate great results for our members, and remain honest and transparent, we feel it’s also important to be up-front about what we don’t do as well.

We Don’t Speculate With Your Money
Unlike traditional services that will ‘invest’ your money into a market (ie buy and sell on your behalf), we use your initial investment to buy machines. While the idea of higher returns may be alluring, we’d rather invest in mathematic-driven returns, than chancing your hard-earned money with a ‘buy and hope’ approach.
We Don’t Make Decisions For You
While we will do everything we can to assist you in making wise decisions, we don’t (and can’t) make decisions on your behalf. Once your account is setup, it is up to you to decide on how you will run your account. The good news is that you’ll have access to your account representative at all times to guide and support you.
We Don’t Offer Financial, Tax or Legal Advice
While we are compliant with both the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Tax Office (ATO), we are not registered financial planners, accountants or lawyers – these are the roles of our trusted partners. If you require such advice, we encourage you to consult with your own existing advisors, or to speak with one of our trusted partners.
We Don’t Treat You Like A Number
There’s nothing more frustrating than having a quick question or issue that turns into an epic – not knowing who to contact, the right number to call, or worse – slipping through the cracks and never getting a solution to your problem. We take our members, and service to them seriously. When you become an NGS member, you become our priority, long after you’ve signed your initial agreement.
We Don’t Always Go ‘With The Grain’
While we take absolute care to retain transparency, legitimacy and abide by government compliance - we don’t always go with the grain on the way we see the world, the way we think about finance or the way we generate returns. Our goal was to create a revolutionary offering, that truly changes our members lives. If we don’t challenge existing ways of doing things, we can never create a different future.
We Don’t Put Profits Over People
For most businesses, profit is the bottom line. With NGS, our bottom line is our members experience, returns and achieving their goals. Like we said, we think big-picture – our way of operating is that if we take care of our members, they’ll take care of us.
We Don’t Work With Everyone
Even with a fantastic product, the truth is, working with NGS is not for everyone. As you can probably tell by now, we take our client relationships incredibly seriously – and we’re always looking for win-wins. That’s why we only work with members who are a good fit with.
While we can’t be all-things-to-all-people, we’re proud of the company and culture we’ve nurtured since our inception. Rather than trying to make a ‘quick buck’ or focus our resources on churning people through the system, we’ve focused them on creating the best product, service and experiences possible for our members. While we’ll never be perfect, our objective is to take care of our members, putting their needs and desires first. That’s the NGS promise that we extend to each and every one our prospective members.