April 4, 2019

Samsung Pay Driving Force Behind Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

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Since the launch of Samsung’s newest smartphone, the Galaxy S10, it has been confirmed that Samsung Pay is the driving force behind the introduction of the built in crypto-currency wallet; the latest feature and technological advance in smartphones to date.

Samsung Pay is already home to 10 million active users. With the integration of crypto currencies this is the “best way to broaden their user base at an international level” claimed Donga, mainstream media outlet in South Korea.

The latest crypto currency wallet, enabled with Blockchain technology, already gives Samsung Galaxy S10 users access to Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the ERC20 token, with more crypto currencies expected to be integrated into the system in the very near future, establishing Samsung Pay as a leading force in the crypto-currency sector.

Samsung Pay users can now successfully pay for transactions by hovering their phone over point of sale (POS) terminals, which no other company currently provides.

Since April 2018, Samsung Pay has grown by 6.6 million users worldwide, and has been the processor of $18 billion in transaction volume. Taking this into consideration, experts strongly believe that the integration of the crypto currency wallet could make Samsung Pay a catalyst behind the long awaited mainstream adoption of crypto, especially benefitting vendors and merchants.

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