Send, Receive and Trade Crypto Through Popular Messaging App ‘WhatsApp’


WhatsApp one of the most popular messaging apps in the world to date, have just released that their users will soon be able to access a crypto wallet straight from their app. The cryptocurrency wallet, named Wuabit, will allow users to soon be able to send, receive, trade, and perform other tasks relating to crypto assets.

With the new service close to completion, the Wuabit team will then look into providing similar functions and featured for Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

A spokesperson for Wuabit told UK Newspaper, The Express,

“we are near completing the wallet core service starting with Bitcoin (BTC)”.

With plans to integrate other well known and popular Cryptocurrencies into their service such as, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, hoping to propel widespread adoption of crypto payments into the mainstream.

The new Wuabit service is set to be simple and streamlined to use, with its developers describing it as a ‘software agent’ powered by specialised Al. Users will simply just type in a command, such as, ‘send 0.10BTC to Vera’ and Wuabit will send it.

As of next month (April 2019) you will be able to access the service.

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