Crypto.com Rolling Out Lucrative Rewards


Leading crypto currency platform, Crypto.com, has released a Visa Card that can be used worldwide, with no transaction fees, no ATM fees and lucrative benefits for its users.

MCO Visa Card holders now receive free subscriptions with Spotify and Netflix, a 10 per cent discount on leading travel site Expedia.com, a 10 per cent discount through Airbnb reservations and receive one to five per cent cash back (in the form of their native token, MCO) for all purchases made on the card.

Users of the card can use it globally and travellers can “spend like a local”. Interbank exchange rates are offered for foreign exchanges. Essentially this means according to Crypto.com that users will receive the equivalent of what the “Google exchange rate” is and benefit from zero overseas fees, allowing users to spend without worry.

Crypto.com states that by adding more travel and lifestyle reward benefits the MCO Visa Card will become the go-to travel card in the very near future.

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of Crypto.com states,

“The MCO Visa Card now offers best cash back terms of any card in the market, along with the perks that match the lifestyle of our community. We’ve received hugely positive feedback from our customers in Singapore and are looking forward to shipping the cards in the US, Europe and other key markets. The product is irresistible whether you’re a hard-core crypto currency fanatic or someone who is just learning about it”.

The demand for the latest Visa card on the market has been high after its first release in Singapore in October 2018. 125,000 reservations around the globe have been made so far, with the next release set for the US closely followed by Europe we can only expect to see this number drastically climb.

Crypto.com is working hard to bring the most sought after and never before seen lucrative benefits and rewards to their cardholders, which will in turn build an irresistible bridge between the traditional, and crypto currency world.

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